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Liskeard Station, at 264 miles 68 chains mile post mileage from London Paddington Station via Bristol Temple Meads Station and Plymouth Station (Millbay), was opened by the Cornwall Railway Company on May 4th 1859, when the main line from Plymouth Station (Millbay) to Truro Station was opened.

In his Engineer's Report to the Directors in August 1860, Mr R P Brereton stated that: 'An engine turn table has been put in at Liskeard'.

The Station was linked by a steep curve down to the Liskeard and Looe Railway on and as from May 15th 1901, when the Branch platform at right-angles to the main Station was opened.

According to the Great Western Railway Company's official "Traffic Dealt with at Stations and Depots", published circa 1936, in the calendar year 1903 Liskeard Station issued 53,465 railway tickets, dealt with 1,077 parcels and took in total income 18,506.  Some of this custom was due to the Looe Branch, of course.  During the calendar year 1913 Liskeard Station issued 72,932 railway tickets, dealt with 1,263 parcels and took in total receipts of 25,459.  The calendar year 1923 saw Liskeard Station issue 81,136 railway tickets plus 315 season tickets, handle 3,862 parcels and take in total receipts of 41,269.  During the calendar year 1929 Liskeard Station issued 87,696 railway tickets plus 226 season tickets, dealt with 3,055 parcels and took in a total of 38,275. 

On Weekdays and Sundays, 'where train service permits', commencing on May 1st 1953, the following cheap day return tickets, first and third class, were available from Liskeard Station to: Bodmin General, 4 shillings (s) 6 pence (d) 1st class, 3 shillings 3rd class; Devonport Albert Road, 5s 9d 1st, 3s 9d 3rd; Fowey, 6s 1st, 4s 3rd; Keyham, 5s 3d 1st, 3s 6d 3rd; Looe, 3s 1st, 2s 3rd; Lostwithiel, 4s 6d 1st, 3s 3rd; Par, 5s 9d 1st, 3s 9d 3rd; Plymouth North Road 6s 1st, 4s 3rd; Saint Austell, 7s 6d 1st, 5s 3rd; Saint Budeaux Ferry Road, 5s 3d 1st, 3s 6d 3rd; and Saltash 4s 9d 1st, 3s 3d 3rd.

According to the "The Official Hand-book of Station 1956" Liskeard Station dealt with goods traffic, passengers, parcels, miscellaneous traffic, furniture vans, carriages, motor cars, portable engines and machines on wheels, live stock, horse boxes, prize cattle vans, and carriages and motor cars by passenger or parcels trains.  It was equipped with a crane capable of lifting 6 tons.

Liskeard Station, Junction for the Looe Branch, is still open.