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As from November 1903 the Keyham Steam Yard was to be known as the North Yard and the area surrounding the original First Dock was to become the South Yard.

Two of the principal buildings in North Yard are the Quadrangle and the Iron Foundry.

A new Signal Station was opened at Flagstaff Steps, North Yard, in 1906.

The Central Offices, on a site inside the North Yard between the Albert Road and Saint Levan Road Gates, were opened in 1911.

The principal entrance was through Albert Road Gate, at the junction of Keyham Road and Albert Road but there was another one at the northern end of North Yard which was replaced in 1900 by the Saint Road Gate.

Albert Road Gate was closed on Sunday September 4th 1966 and replaced by the present entrance just around the corner actually in Albert Road.

In 1977 the three covered docks of the Frigate Complex were officially opened.  Work could now continue on the ships whatever the weather.