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Allow me to introduce Jack.  Dressed in his very best Sunday clothes, he has had his portrait done by Mr W H Waterfield at the Marlborough Photographic Studio in Marlborough Street, Devonport.  The inscription on the reverse of the picture suggests it was to give to his sweetheart.

It was not only the Lord of the Manor, or the Members of Parliament, or the Mayors, or the tradesmen, who created Devonport but ordinary men like Jack.  He was no doubt born in the town, received a rather elementary education there and as a working man was probably employed in the Royal Dockyard.  His earnings not only supported him, but his family, and the local businesses.  He spent his money in the town, his recreational time in Devonport Park or at Mount Wise, and maybe a little attending the cinema or theatre.  On Sundays he attended church or chapel, smartly dressed, as we see him here.

"Who was Who in Old Devonport" not only contains the famous of the town but also people like Jack.  There will not be so much detail about him because he lived quietly, and passed away only mourned by his immediate relatives and friends.  He had no obituary in the local press.  But he was still a citizen of Devonport.