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Joseph Trounsell was the son of Mr John Trounsell of HMS "Orion".  He was born in Devon in1769 and married a lady from Bermuda in 1773.

He served as Paymaster and Purser in the Royal Navy.

He is said to have been the founder of the Royal Naval and Military Free School, Devonport's foremost educational establishment for many years, which eventually had its own building in King Street.  This fact seems to have attracted very little public attention.

In 1841 he was living in retirement, on half pay, with his wife, Mary, aged 65 years, at 31 Trafalgar Place, Stoke.  They had two female domestic servants, Grace Milner, aged 30 years, Frances Pathick, 20, and a visitor from the West Indies, Miss Susan Gilbert, 15.  They appear to have had no descendants.

Joseph Trounsell died at his home on June 20th 1847, at the age of 79 years, and an announcement in the local press stated: 'In him this neighbourhood has lost one of its actively benevolent and Christian like inhabitants.  To his indomitable perseverance and energy the town is mainly indepted for the Establishment, now advancing towards completion, for the education of about 500 destitute children of Seamen and Soldiers: his delight was in doing good: and the widows and fatherless will long hold his memory in grateful remembrance.'  He was buried at Stoke Damerel Parish Church on June 25th 1847.

His widow, Mrs Mary Trounsell passed away at the same address on June 27th 1852 and was buried at Stoke Damerel Parish Church on July 2nd 1852.  She was 79 years of age.