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On November 9th 1898 the western portion of the ancient Tything of Weston Peverel was amalgamated into the Borough of Devonport.  This included the Ham Estate, and Ham House, which had been held by the Trelawny family since 1633.  Hamelin de Trelone had served under William the Conquerer and was given in thanks land at Saint Germans, in Cornwall.   Two more generations passed before they moved to the Devon side of the river Tamar, in Plymouth.  After rebuilding Ham House, in the Tything of Weston Peverel, Mr Robert Trelawny moved there in 1639.

Three hundred years later the last member of the Trelawny family to occupy Ham House was the Reverend William Edwin Trelawny Trelawny-Ross.

He was the first son of the Reverend John Trelawny Trelawny-Ross and his wife, the former Miss Emma Mary Kartherine Bassett, who were married at Llandaff, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, on August 30th 1881.  He was born on September 20th 1883 at Neyland, Glamorganshire.

He married Miss Wilfreda Anne Bastard, a daughter of Mr William Edmund Pollexfen Bastard, on June 10th 1924.

It is said that when his father died at Ham House in 1935 he felt obliged to leave his position as Vicar at Teignmouth Parish Church, Devon, and move to the ancestral home.  However, in 1939, on the outbreak of the Second World War, Ham House was requisitioned by Plymouth City Council for use as a Barrage Balloon Station.  The 1939 Electoral Register shows the Reverend William Edwin Trelawny Trelawny-Ross as living at "Saint Michael's", in Whitchurch Road, Whitchurch, Tavistock.  At the end of the War (1945), Ham House was acquired by the City of Plymouth and in 1947 it became a branch library for the City of Plymouth Library Service.

Thus the Reverend Gentleman was the last of the Trelawny family to live in Ham House.  He died at Fulford Grange, Knighton Saint Mary, in Somerset, on Jumne 20th 1962.  His widow passed away in 1988.  They had two children, Miss Elizabeth Anne Trelawny-Ross and Mr John Pollexfen Trelawny-Ross.