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Ham  House and its Estate passed from Charles Trelawny Collins Trelawny (1792-1878) to the eldest son of the Reverend William Ross, of County Londonderry, Ireland, who on November 18th 1851 had married Miss Caroline Matilda Trelawny Collins at the Anglican Church of Saint Andrew the Apostle, Plymouth.  Christened at Limavady, County Londonderry, Ireland, as John Trelawny Ross, upon inheriting the Ham Estate he changed his name to John Trelawny Trelawny-Ross.

On August 30th he married Miss Emma Mary Katherine Bassett at Llandaff, Cardiff, Glamorganshire.  She was a daughter of Mr Alexander Bassett and the former Miss Emma Mary Long.

They had two daughters and two sons: Maria Trelawny-Ross, born 1882; William Edwin Trelawny Trelawny-Ross, born 1883; Alexander Hamelin Trelawny-Ross, born 1884; and Caroline Sophia Trelawny-Ross, born 1885.  They were all born at Neyland, Glamorganshire, South Wales.

The Reverend William Ross died at Limavady, County Londonderry, on January 14th 1891, his wife having passed away in 1889.  As said earlier, upon inheriting the Estate the Reverend John Trelawny Ross changed his name to John Trelawny Trelawny-Ross.  He did much to maintain the Estate and Ham House and as one of the last of the old-fashioned "country squires" he gave an annual dinner for his tenants.  At the time of the census in 1891 Ham House was being lived in by 69-years-old Miss Arthurine Trelawny Collins, albeit under the name of Catherine, so it is not clear if he actually moved in to the House at that time.  She was well supported by a 20-years-old Lady's Maid, a House Maid, a Cook, a Footman, and a Coach Man. 

On November 9th 1898 the western portion of the Tything of Weston Peverel, otherwise Pennycross, including Ham House and its Estate, passed to the Borough of Devonport.

It is probable that the Reverend Trelawny-Ross took ownership of the property after she died on Tuesday February 21st 1905.  She was then 83 years of age and had spent her entire life at Ham House.  She had laid the foundation stone of the Camel's Head Inn back in 1827.

The Reverend John Trelawny Trelawny-Ross died on Monday May 20th 1935 at the age of 82 years.  His wife, Mrs Mary Frederica Cecilia Trelawny-Ross had passed away just a few weeks previous.  The Ham House and the Estate passed to his eldest son, the Reverend William Edwin Trelawny Trelawny-Ross, who to be the last member of the Trelawny family to occupy the House.