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Robert Cundy was born in 1819 and baptized at Stoke Damerel Parish Church on August 29th 1819.  Young Robert became a cow keeper and dairyman and in 1841 was living at Tavistock Street, Devonport. 

On October 7th 1841 Mr Robert Cundy married farmer's daughter Miss Eliza Chapple, of North Huish, near Ivybridge, Devon, at Saint Andrew's Church, Plymouth.  They settled at number 11 Fore Street, Devonport.  They produced a large family, the eldest of which was Thomas Robert Chapple Cundy, born on July 17th 1842 and baptized at Stoke Damerel Parish Church on August 21st 1842.

Mr Thomas Robert Chapple Cundy married Miss Emma Prowse at Stoke Damerel Parish Church on March 27th 1870.  He set up in the dairy business on his own account at 25 Benbow Street, Devonport.  By 1881 he was farming 46 acres assisted by three agricultural labourers and one boy, the latter being 14-years-old John Prowse, a relative of Mrs Cundy.  Their first child, Thomas Henry Cundy, was born on February 14th 1871 and baptized at Stoke Damerel Parish Church on December 17th 1871.

The enterprise at Benbow Street became known as the Devonshire Dairy.  In the Western Morning News dated Tuesday January 2nd appeared an advert for the Devonshire Dairy, stating that it had been established for 12 years, ie. since 1871.  In addition to milk, butter and cream, Thomas also supplied eggs fresh twice a day from his farm.

Mr Thomas Robert Chapple Cundy died at his home in Benbow Street on December 19th 1920.  After a funeral service at the Anglican Church of Saint Michael the Archangel, the body was interred at the Weston Mill Cemetery on Thursday December 23rd 1920.