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Richard George Cundy was born on February 16th 1886 to Mr Richard Chapple Cundy (1856-1935) and his wife, the former Miss Louisa Jane Richards.  He was the younger brother of Miss  Bessie Eleanor Cundy, whose birth announcement the previous year had seen the first use of the name "Trafalgar Dairy".  The family lived at 34 Trafalgar Place, Stoke, Devonport.

In the census taken on Sunday March 31st 1901 both Richard George Cundy and his older sister Bessie Eleanor Cundy, for some reason known as "Nellie" at that time, were both dairy assistants.  Their younger brother, Henry Francis Cundy, was thirteen years of age and must have been still at school.  Miss Mabel Mortimer, a 20-years-old Board School teacher from Gainford, Yorkshire, was boarding with the family.

On April 15th 1918 Mr Richards George Cundy married Miss Florence Eleanor Dawe at Horrabridge Parish Church.

During the 1920s much of the land they farmed within Stoke Damerel and Pennycross was sold for housing.  Mr Henry Francis Cundy, whose cattle grazed on fields that were soon to become Central Park, had to move his herd to Great Woodford Farm, at Plympton.  Various members of the family took over Estover Farm, Thornbury Farm, Little Wood ford Farm and Goosewell Farm.

Following the death on March 6th 1935 of his father, Mr Richard Chapple Cundy, the two brothers, Richard George and Henry Francis, plus their sister, Mrs Bessie Eleanor Tregillus, took over the business.  By this time they had added number 33 Trafalgar Place to their property as a bottling plant.  They also had premises at 19 Edgcumbe Place, Devonport, and at 7 Victoria Road, Saint Budeaux.

In correspondence in 2008 a Mr W Blatchford stated that during the Second World War Mr Cundy's stables for the delivery carts were on the north-western side of the Devonport Column, where a children's play park was later constructed.  He added that his stableman was a Mr Sydney S Piper of James Street, whose son also happened to be a very useful blacksmith.

In June 13th 1944 the Trafalgar Dairies Limited was registered.  It had capital of only 5,000, split into 5,000 shares of 1 each.  Significantly Mr Richard George Cundy, of 7 Saint Margaret's Road, Woodford, Plympton, Mr Henry Francis Cundy, of Great Woodford Farm, Plympton, and Mr William Peter Cundy, son of Mr Henry Francis Cundy, of Little Woodford Farm, Plympton, only held one share each.  The directors were to be appointed.  The possible reason for this was to become apparent on 1954.

Mr Richard George Cundy died at his home, number 7 Saint Margaret's Road, Woodford, Plympton, on December 30th 1948.

The Western Evening Herald revealed on April 8th 1954 that Messrs Cow and Gate Limited had owned a substantial share of the Trafalgar Dairies since the Company was launched in June 1944.  This resulted in them formally taking over the business on Monday April 3rd 1954 and merging it with Messrs Three Towns Dairy Limited and the XL Dairy in Gascoyne Place, Plymouth, which they also now owned.  The new business was named the Plymouth Dairies Limited.

Mr Denis Kendall, who joined Plymouth Dairies Limited  in October 1956 as an assistant accountant, recalls that a Mr Leslie Thorpe was appointed local director and general manager and that he owned a large thatched cottage at Plympton that would become the centre of activities when the chairman of Messrs Cow and Gate Limited, Colonel Gates, paid an official inspection visit.  Mr Kendall recalls flags being hoisted in honour of the chairman's visit and expects that his ego was suitably boosted by such reverence.

On March 19th 1973 Mr Henry Francis Cundy passed away at his home, Lower Lodge, Newnham, Plympton.  He had taken part in many National Hunt meetings and had been a member of the Royal Western Yacht Club.  He was buried at the Drake Memorial Park, Plymstock. 


  With acknowledgement to Mr W Blatchford and Mr Denis Kendall for their information supplied in 2008.