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The West Park Sports Stadium was located alongside Crownhill Road, between Dunstone Road and Wollaton Grove at Higher Saint Budeaux, in what would have been Devonport before 1914..

This was the scene of Plymouth's first speedway meeting on a grass surface.  There had over the years been considerable controversy in speedway circles as to the comparison of grass and dirt-track racing regarding speed and general entertainment.  Dirt-track speedway was being run at Pennycross Stadium.

The first meeting took place on Saturday May 25th 1935.  The 350-yards long course was in the shape of a "D", with a straight length of 120 yards.  It was estimated that a speed of 60 to 65 mph could be reached on the straight stretch and an average of 50mph could be maintained throughout.

Another meeting was held at the West Park Stadium on the evening of Wednesday June 12th 1935, it having been postponed from Monday afternoon because of inclement weather.  Nearly 1,000 spectators watched some exciting races under the stewardship of Mr F J Anning of Newton Abbot.  Most of the riders came from elsewhere in Devon and Cornwall but the local drivers mentioned were Mr W Willmott; Mr J Soper, who won the Crownhill Handicap; and Mr F Drake.  The fastest rider of the evening was Mr Bert Jones of St Columb Minor.

Today (2021) the recreational space is still in existence.