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In 1762 an Act of Parliament was passed to enable the creation of two Turnpike Trusts to improve roads giving access to the Parish of Stoke Damerel and the township of Plymouth-Dock

The Saltash Turnpike Trust, although based across the River Tamar in Cornwall, was to improve the road from May's Cross, Plymouth, through the Parish of Stoke Damerel at Pennycomequick, to the ferry passage on the Saint Budeaux side of the River, which was actually within the County of Cornwall at that time.  The Trust would eventually be authorised to construct two brand new, almost level, highways through the Parish.  They are known today as Wolseley Road and Keyham/Saltash Roads.

The roads from the Old Town Gate, Plymouth, to Horrabridge, and from the Old Pound near Plymouth-Dock to Manadon Gate, on the Plymouth road, were to be improved by the Tavistock Turnpike Trust.  This is today known as Tavistock Road and Outland Road.  In 1804 this work was transferred to the Plymouth and Tavistock Turnpike Trust.

Finally, in 1784 a further Act of Parliament authorized the Stonehouse Turnpike Trust to carry out improvements  to the terrible road from Plymouth to Plymouth-Dock through East Stonehouse, to terminate outside the Plymouth-Dock Theatre.

Stonehouse Turnpike Trust ceased running in 1843, the Tavistock Trust in 1867, the Saltash Trust in 1881 and the Plymouth and Tavistock Trust in 1884.