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In 1762 an Act of Parliament was passed to enable the creation of two Turnpike Trusts to improve roads giving access to the Parish of Stoke Damerel and the township of Plymouth-Dock.  One of these was the road from Tavistock, from a point known as Manadon Gate, the entrance to Manadon House and Estate, on the Plymouth road, to the Old Pound on the outskirts of Plymouth-Dock.  The original line of road followed what are today the allotment gardens from opposite Morrison's store in Tor Lane, Langstone Road, Montpelier Road, Lyndhurst Road, Outlands Road, Milehouse Road, and Devonport Road to its junction with Paradise Road.  It was previously known as Tavistock Road although the double-bend stretch through Stoke Village used to be called Tavistock Street.

To pay for the improvement work to this narrow, ruinous, and dangerous road, the Tavistock Turnpike Trust was authorized to collect tolls at three toll gates, or turnpikes, at Knackersknowle, Horrabridge, and Abbey Gate Bridge, Tavistock.

The Trust constructed a line of road between Tor Lane, across the Parish boundary near Pound's House, to join up with the old road at the bottom of Lyndhurst Road.  An Act of Parliament in 1783 authorized the Trust to remove the toll gate at Horrabridge, add one at Mutley, and add another one at the junction with the Plymouth to Saltash Turnpike road one mile from Plymouth-Dock.  As this latter spot was also one mile from Plymouth, it became known as Mile House.

In 1804, during the 44th year of the reign of King George III, the Trustees obtained another Act 'for the better amending and repairing of the Roads leading from the Lower Market Houses in Tavistock, to Old Town Gate, in the Borough of Plymouth, and from Manadon Gate to the Old Pound near Plymouth Dock.'  This Act required the road to be self-financing so it became the Plymouth and Tavistock Turnpike Trust, completely independent of the original Tavistock Turnpike Trust.