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When the term "Central School" fell out of fashion under the Education Act 1944, the name was altered to Tamar Secondary School for Boys.

Upon return to Plymouth in 1945 it first moved in to cramped quarters at Mount Street Primary School, Plymouth.  Those pupils who had remained in Plymouth under the Emergency Central School had to continue their studies at the Plymouth Public Secondary School for Boys because the limited accommodation meant they could not rejoin their main School.  In December 1946 the School moved to the former Durnford Hotel in Durnford Street, East Stonehouse.  Mr J E Ellis  FRGS continued as Headmaster untyil his sudden death in November 1950, when Mr P W Pearce was appointed as Acting Headmaster.

In September 1951 the new Headmaster, Mr J P Robb MA BSc joined the School and he immediately set about re-joining the junior pupils out at Ernesettle Transit School, with the senior boys at Durnford Street.  This was not accomplished, however, until November 1956, when the original plan of ten years' earlier to move the School in to Blocks A and B of the former Stoke Military Hospital, came to fruition. The School at last had a permanent home.

Number 2336 Squadron, Air Training Corps, was formed at Tamar Secondary School in May 1959, under Flight Lieutenant D Bence.

It should be mentioned  that the School was not officially opened until September 1963, when the School Captain, P J Pomeroy, and Vice-Captain, D Bittles, were present at a ceremony in which the Minister of Education, the Right Honourable Sir Edward Boyle, officially opened fifteen schools in the City.

Mr Robb retired at the end of the school year in 1968 and was succeeded by Doctor J S Rowe MSc.  Mr P W Pearce, who had served as Acting Headmaster in 1950/51, passed away in 1969, only nine years after retiring.  He had been at the school for twenty-seven years.

From September 1969 onwards the four school houses Faraday, Kelvin, Maxwell and Newton, were replaced with only three houses, Lynher, Tavy and Walkham.

Doctor Rowe left in July 1971 to be replaced by Mr H W A Warren BSc, as Acting Headmaster.  The following year Mr R J Kelly, who had been in charge of the junior pupils during their time in the Ernesettle Transit School, retired.  He had led many school tours to France.  It was during Mr Warren's time that girls were first admitted to the School, so from September 1972 the "For Boys" was dropped from the School name.  Forty-five girls entered the School and Domestic Science and Needlework entered the curriculum.  Mr Warren then retired at the end of the Christmas term after 41 years' service.

Mr F Hill BSc DFC became Headmaster in January 1973, with Mr R J L Rose BA becoming his Deputy, and Miss B Davies was appointed as Senior Mistress in charge of the girls.  During 1974 Computer Science was introduced to the curriculum under Mrs M Turpitt.

Another change of name came about in 1981, thanks to the initiative of the Headmaster, Mr Hill, who persuaded Devon County Council, who were at the time the Local Education Authority, to make it Tamar High School.  It is not clear when the title became official, April 1981 or September 1981.