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The Tamar Brewery was already well established in Morice Town, Plymouth-Dock, when, in December 1801, the Royal Navy's Agent Victualler, Mr Thomas Miller, got a warrant to search the Tamar Brewery for beer casks suspected as being stolen from the Naval Brewery at Southdown, Millbrook, Cornwall.  The managing partner of the Brewery, who accompanied him and others on the search, was a Mr John White.  They did indeed find many casks on which lettering had been obliterated and several on which the broad arrow was still visible.

It is recorded in 1827 as being in the hands of Williams and Ellis, the latter being a John Ellis.

Exactly when or how the Liscombe family became involved with the Tamar Brewery is not yet known.  In 1812 a John Liscombe was recorded as a brewer resident in Saint Aubyn Street, Devonport, and in the same year a Thomas Liscombe was listed as a maltster in Princes Street.  In 1830 Messrs Thomas Liscombe and Thomas Whiddon (sic) Liscombe were recorded as brewers resident at 58 Saint Aubyn Street.  There is no record of exactly where their brewery was located so it may well have been the Tamar Brewery.

Thomas Liscombe died in January 1837 and Thomas Wheddon Liscombe, as he was now recorded, continued to own the Brewery, now clearly recorded as being at 12 Tamar Street, until his death on March 5th 1857, when it passed to his son, Robert Lavers Liscombe.  He passed away on October 10th 1882 and it is assumed, at present, that it was at that point the Tamar  Brewery was taken over by Mr George Crake (1854-1922).

On September 4th 1919 Messrs H and G Simonds, brewers, of Reading, in Berkshire, announced that they had acquired the Tamar Brewery and some 28 licensed houses.

Mr George Crake died in London on July 1st 1922 at the age of 68 years.

On May 1st 1960 Simonds was acquired by Messrs Courage and Barclay Ltd and became Messrs Courage, Barclay and Simonds Ltd.

Production ceased at the Tamar Brewery in 1975 and some of its equipment was later purchased by the newly formed Blackawton Brewery, in south Devon.