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Saltash Ferry Floating Bridge Number 6 was constructed by Messrs Philip and Son, of Kingswear, on the river Dart and purchased in September 1927 to replace Ferry number 4.  She cost 8.950.

This one had mechanically operated prows and was slightly larger than the old one.  She could accommodate three rows of about 15 vehicles each.  She was widened in 1938 by cutting her down the middle and adding a section.

It arrived from Kingswear on the afternoon of Thursday October 6th 1927 and was moored on the Devon side of the river.  It was planned to put her into service on Sunday October 9th 1927.

The ferry was painted reddish brown from the waterline up to about 3 feet and buff above that, with black funnels.  Floating Bridges 6 and 7 both served until the closure of the Ferry Service on Monday October 23rd 1961. 

Floating Bridge Number 6 ran the service on that last day and also the special trip at 4,30pm off Saltash on Tuesday October 24th.  She was bought in November 1961 by Messrs Haulbowline Industries Ltd for 1,700 and was to be towed to Cork, in Eire, but was swamped and sank ten miles off Falmouth on Wednesday December 20th 1961.