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On May 31st 1850 a fresh lease was granted for 21 years to a new company that wanted to re-introduce the steam ferry.  As a result Floating Bridge Number 2 commenced service on Tuesday July 1st 1851.

It was built of wood by Mr Routleff, of Mount Batten yard, Plymstock.  The iron work and machinery was manufactured by Mr J Mare, at the Plymouth Foundry.

She was 86 feet long over the prows and the extreme width was 26 feet 6 inches.  The centre deck was 50 feet long and 11 feet wide.  Her draught was 18 inches.  On one side were two 6 horsepower condensing engines and on the other side the boiler and two cabins provided for use in inclement weather.  She held between 80 and 100 passengers plus thee carriages each with a pair of horses.

Floating Bridge Number 2 came to a sad end.  One night in 1865 she was moored too close to the slipway on the Plymouth side and when the tide ebbed the vessel grounded.  She then slid down the muddy slipway and sank.  The following morning there was no sign of the ferry.  Only the engines were salvaged, and these were fitted to Floating Bridge Number 3 in 1865/66 at a cost of 1,300.