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The Saint George's Terrace Bible Christian Chapel at Stoke was on the corner of Saint George's Terrace and Rocky Hill, Stoke.

Although it has been claimed that Lord Saint Levan donated the site, later reports suggest that it was acquired by the Reverend W B Lark.  It is not clear who laid the principal foundation stone at 3pm on Wednesday March 2nd 1898 because a total of eighteen stones were laid, including three by children.  It was probably Mr Edward Saint Aubyn, the Lord of the Manor.  

The school was built first and used as a temporary chapel. 

The Chapel was designed by Mr H J Snell of Plymouth and was built of Plymouth limestone with Bath stone and buff brick dressings.  The contractor was Mr G B Turpin, who was also responsible for the erection of the school.  It cost over 4,000 and was to accommodate 622 people.  It had a circular gallery.  The Chapel was opened by Mrs Jeffery, wife of the Reverend Jeffrey, on Wednesday October 31st 1906 at 2.30pm and the ceremony was followed by a public tea.

Saint George's Chapel was damaged during the Second World War.  A new hall was opened in 1955 and this was used for services until the main Chapel was rebuilt at a cost of some 30,000.  When the Chapel was reopened on Saturday September 12th 1964 by the Lord Mayor of Plymouth, Alderman T H Watkins, the hall became the Sunday School.