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The King's Brewery, a part of the Victualling Office, was situated at Southdown, just outside Millbrook, on the Cornish side of the Hamoaze.

Our earliest printed description of the facilities comes from "The Picture of Plymouth", published in 1812;

'South Down situated on the Cornwall side of the harbour, which is the brewery where all the beer for the fleet is brewed.  Here is an establishment as part of the Victualling Office, consisting of the Master Brewer, Mr J Skardon and the Master Cooper, Mr J West, who have houses for their residence, and offices for transacting their business.'

A slightly later source, "The Tourist's Companion", published in 1823, tells us a little more:

'The southern point of the peninsula of Inceworth having been selected as a spot peculiarly adapted for the brewing department of the Plymouth victualling establishment, a lease of the ground was obtained from Margaret, Countess of Orford.  The buildings are constructed along the creek, with the necessary quays, cranes, etc., and comprise an extensive cooperage, brewhouses and malt-houses.  The principal officers have dwelling houses within the precincts, with good gardens, in which is the reservoir, filled with water, brought in pipes for purposes of the establishment.'

The King's Brewery closed down when the new Brewery in the Royal William Victualling Yard, in East Stonehouse, was opened in 1835.