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Brentor Signal Box, at 208 miles 48 chains from London Waterloo Station, was built by the Plymouth, Devonport and South Western Railway Company and opened on May 12th 1890, prior to the opening of the new railway line to passenger traffic on June 2nd 1890.  Its dimensions are not recorded but it held 17 levers, which included one of the push-pull type.

The Box was 1 mile 724 yards from Lydford Signal Box.  In 1957 the Box was open on weekdays only from 7.20am until 7.50am; from 11.30pm until Noon; from 4pm until 4.30pm; and from 5pm until 6pm.  It was also open as required.  It was close don Sundays when the section was from Lydford to Tavistock North.

Brentor Signal Box was closed on and as from June 10th 1961.