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Devonport Theatre and Crown Hotel

The Devonport Theatre and the Crown Hotel in what
was then regarded as Cumberland Street although it is marked as Cumberland Road on this map.
From Ordnance Survey sheet CXXIII.11 surveyed 1855-56.

The Plymouth-Dock Theatre was opened in 1762 in Number 2 Cumberland Street.  It naturally became the Devonport Theatre after the Town received its new name on January 1st 1824.  The premises next door at Number 3 became the original Shakespeare Inn.

One lessee of the Theatre dubbed it the "Theatre Royal" purely for the spurious reason that 'it's a good travelling name and avoids enquiries'.  

Prices of admission ranged from 6d for the gallery to 2s 6d for a private box. 

It was here that Miss Sarah Siddons appeared in 1785 as Lady Macbeth.

The Theatre's most famous manager was Mr James Doel.  Born at Devonport, he started out as a comedian but became a legitimate actor and played with the biggest names of the time.

It was renovated during 1860 and had to be rebuilt in 1879 after a fire.  The Theatre had closed down by 1890 and had demolished by 1899.