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The Motor Bus era did not really start until Plymouth Corporation Tramways Department became interested in the use of the more flexible motor omnibus to replace trams which were fixed to a track.  At first it was felt they could provide a feeder service to the tramway network.

But the first motor bus to operated within the Borough boundary of Devonport was a privately-owned one.  The Peverell Road Car Company Limited was formed in October 1909 to operate a service from Fore Street, Devonport, to the new territory at Peverell.  The Company's registered office was at Outland Mill, at the junction of Tavistock Road with Lyndhurst Road.

The chairman of the Company was Mr J E C Boolds.  The secretary of the Company was  Mr C H Stanbury, who had been the miller at Outland Mill in  1890.  The remaining Directors of the Company were Mr T Thorne Barnes BSc; Mr F R Charlick CC; Mr G P Gard; Mr K A Ling; Mr W H Mountstephen; and Mr W J Smith CC. 

Requests for 1 shares had to be submitted to the Company's bankers, the Capital and Counties Bank, Fore Street, Devonport, along with the initial sum of five shillings per share, by Monday November 22nd 1909.

One of the vehicles belonging to the Peverell Road Car Company Ltd

One of the open-top motor buses belonging to the Peverell Road Car Company Limited.
The location of the photograph has not been identified.
From Mr R C Sambourne's "Plymouth" 100 Years of Street Travel".

The Company apparently ran two two chain-driven Leyland open top cars and two saloons, a Maudslay and a Milnes-Daimler, on their service from Tor Lane at Peverell through Milehouse and Stoke, to Fore Street, Devonport.  This was in direct competition with the Devonport and District Tramways Company Limited.

Their vehicles were painted in a livery of green and white and their maximum permitted speed was 12mph.

After numerous accidents and frequent breakdowns, the service ceased early in 1911 and the Company was wound up in June that year.

No further motor buses are known to have operated within the former Borough of Devonport.  Plymouth Corporation Tramways Department introduced their motor bus services from July 1920 onwards and because it is more convenient to have all the information in one place, details of these will be found on the Old Plymouth UK Website under Motor Bus Services in Old Plymouth.