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The history of the Midland Bank goes back to 1836, when Mr Charles Geach, an official at the Bank of England's branch in Birmingham, formed the Birmingham and Midland Bank.

By 1890 it had 45 branches and the following year moved it's head office to London.

The London Joint City and Midland Bank Limited opened their branch at 99 Fore Street, Devonport, on Monday November 6th 1922, with  Mr Gerald Digges as the manager.

The company became the Midland Bank Limited in 1923.

Fore Street was taken inside the Royal Dockyard in the late 1950s and the Midland Bank building became a training centre for the Naval Store Department complete with its vault and spiral staircase.

In October 1972 the Midland Bank introduced "Access", its cheque guarantee and credit card.

The Midland Bank was taken over in 1992 by the HongKong-Shanghai Banking Corporation, thus becoming just a set of meaningless initials - HSBC.

  With acknowledgement to the HSBC Archives in London for their very efficient assistance.