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At the time of the final meeting of the Devonport Borough Council on Thursday October 29th, before the amalgamation with Plymouth in November 1914, the Members and Officers of the Council were photographed outside the Devonport Town Hall.

  Plymouth City Council

FRONT ROW (Left to right)

Mr J F Burns, borough surveyor; Mr G Palmer; Mr G T Risdon; Mr J Day; Mr W Cousins; Mr J P Goldsmith; Mr W J Waycott; Mr J B Love; Mr W H Roberts; Mr R J Fittall, Town Clerk; Mr E Blackall, Mayor; Mr M Fredman, Deputy-Mayor; Mr W Littleton; Mr J C Tozer; Mr J Jolliffe; Mr J Mayne; and Mr J F  F Cole.

SECOND ROW (Left to right)

Mr J H Watson, Chief Constable; Mr F Rupert Royle, Assistant Town Clerk; Mr H J Hearne, Borough Treasurer; Mr S L Heard; Mr A Goodman; Mr J Hellen; Mr W J Olver; Mr G  A Daymond; Mr W H Welsford; Mr W R Littleton; Mr W Irish, Mayor's Officer; Mr F D Baxter; Mr J J Moses; Mr R Tozer; Mr G R Archer; Mr R McDonald; Mr J K Brenton; Mr C J Ward; Mr W Arscott; Mr F C Blackall, and Mr C Cheverton.

THIRD ROW (Left to right)

Mr J  A B Weeks; Mr W J Smith; Mr W H Watson; Mr G A Phillips; Doctor O Hall; Mr S A Perkins; Mr F R Charlick; Mr E Birch; Mr J Moon; Mr T P Treglohan; Mr W Jenkin; Mr W J May; Mr J J Cramer; Mr J Welsford; Mr T A Clarke; and Mr I Fredman.

TOP ROW (Left to right)

Mr W H Crang, Director of Education; Mr J Ware; Mr W D Rutter; Mr James Clifford Tozer; Mr C F Hocking; Mr W Whenmouth; Mr T  C Essenhigh; Mr T Doner; Mr C H Healey; Mr W H Jackson; Mr P D M Redall; Mr H W Scamper; Mr J  A  M Heard; Mr W George; Mr R J Chappell; Mr F Viggers; and Mr J T Jane.


Mr F W Lillicrap, Water Engineer; and Mr W P Tarvet, Gas Engineer.


Photograph reproduced courtesy of the Plymouth Library Service.