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Luckily for the photographer, Alma Road at Milehouse, carried very little motor traffic in 1912, especially since Plymouth Corporation had not yet adopted the motor bus and had also not yet extended their tram lines between Pennycomequick and  Milehouse.  The result were two unique photographs of Lifton Cottage.  The Corporation's bus garage was soon to occupy the site.

Exactlty when tLifton Cottage was erected and by whom is not yet known.

In 1897 the Cottage was occupied by a Mr John T Allingham, a Foreman of Boilermakers at the Royal Dockyard.

At the time of the census in 1911 it was occupied by a Mr Alfred Samuel Jago, who at 57-years of age was living by "private means"; his wife, Mrs Elizabeth Mary Clist Jago, formerly Miss Channings, a head teacher; and their 24-years-old son, Alfred Churchill Channings Jago, a writer.

The occupier at the time the photographs were taken was Lieutenant Hugh Charles Buckle, Royal Navy.  He married Miss Ruth Mary Clarke, the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Edward O'Brien Clarke, of Northbeck House, Hundleby, in Lincolnshire, on Thursday August 1st 1912 at the Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity, Raithby, near Spilsbury, Lincolnshire.  His parents, Admiral and Mrs C E Buckle, lived nearby at the Red House, Raithby, while the Groom himself was stationed at the Royal Naval Barracks, Devonport.  Lieutenant Buckle appears in the picture below, dated April 1913.

How long the Buckles were in occupation is not known but Hugh Charles Buckle (1882-1924) died at Chelsea, London, in 1924 and his widow and son (like his father, a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy) and his wife were living at The Lawn Chichester, Essex, in 1939.

Meanwhile, the Tramways and Transport Committee resolved on October 15th 1934 that 'in view of its condition, the (Lifton Cottage) premises be demolished'.