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An entry in the Johnston Terrace Council Elementary School Log Book under the date, August 27th 1928, reads: 'Johnston Terrace Boys' School was reorganised this day as a boys' Central School with Mr A E E Cook BA BSc as Headmaster'.

In August 1928 Johnston Terrace Central School for Boys was further reorganised by the Plymouth Local Education Authority and split in to two: a junior mixed and infants' elementary school, under Head Master Mr William Harper Cornish, which continued as Johnston Terrace Council Elementary School; and Tamar Central School, under Mr T Willcocks FLS LCP, which at that time still accepted boys and girls.

The girls department was hived off at the end of 1930, when the pupils were redistributed around the other schools in the Borough.  At the start of the Easter Term in 1931 the Central School staff took over the lessons from the Elementary school staff, although the name still remained as Johnston Terrace Central School.  On the afternoon of Tuesday June 23rd 1931 the School held its first open day, when parents were allowed to watch the classes on the upper floor at work.  On the following Thursday, a similar open day was held for the classes on the ground floor.

At the end of the school year Mr A E E Cook BA BSc retired and was replaced with Mr T Willcocks FLS LCP and at the start of the calendar year 1933, after much argument over whether it should be called Devonport Central School or Scott Central School, it did at last become Tamar Central School for Boys.