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The Devonport Synagogue was a branch, or 'Minyan', of the Plymouth Synagogue and was located at 66 Chapel Street. 

There was a building used as a Synagogue in 1810 as there are references to it in an agreement signed on July 10th 1815 by a committee of men from both Plymouth and what was then Plymouth-Dock.  It was probably ceased to be used in 1844 when one of the congregation, Mrs B Moss, presented the Plymouth Synagogue with a spice box which she had previously given to the 'Plymouth Dock Minyan Room'.

In May 1907 the Reverend J Goldston*, master of the Jacob Nathan School in Well Street, Plymouth, consecrated a room in a house in Saint Aubyn Street, Devonport, for the use of the local Hebrew community.

Then on Sunday January 19th 1908 a spacious new hall at number 66 Chapel Street, Devonport, was consecrated for them by the Reverend D Jacobs from the Plymouth Synagogue, assisted by the Reverend L Stavinsky and the Reverend J Goldston*.

The President of the Synagogue was Mr J Greenburgh and the Secretary was Mr H R Emdon.

The Devonport Synagogue was destroyed in the Second World War and was never replaced.

*  My thanks to Rosemary Wenzerul, a great niece of the Reverend Goldston, for pointing out the correct spelling of his surname.