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The Ford Temperance Hall was opened on Tuesday December 17th 1867.  Until then the teetotallers of that area had met in a small chapel that had been loaned to them but the numbers of people attending was steadily increasing so a new venue had to be found.  A Mr Hammond offered to build them their own hall and his offer was gratefully accepted.  The cost of the land and building was 360, which was to be recovered by issuing members with shares of 1 6s each.  Members were invited to pay for their share by putting aside 3d per week for two years.  Only 86 people took up the offer.

The Ford Hall was 45 feet long by 23 feet wide and 20 feet in height, with a gallery on the eastern side.  Mrs Hammond and several other ladies hosted a tea and Mr Samuel Elliott presided over the evening meeting that always followed such an event.