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The Clowance of Clowance Street Brewery was situated in Clowance Street, Devonport, on the corner of Prospect Row and Stanley Street.

An advert in the Devonport Independent and Plymouth and Stonehouse Gazette on January 22nd 1842 refers to the owners as Messrs W and S Blake, of the Hants and Dorset Brewery.  The advert stated that the premises had previously been vacated by Messrs Elliot and Company but were now being managed by Mr W Blake, who had been a brewer in Hants and Dorset for upwards of twenty years.

In 1846 and again in May 1847 Mr John Bishop, auctioneer, held a Peremptory Sale of the Clowance Brewery on Thursday May 13th 1847.  It would appear that Messrs W and S Blake had gone bankrupt.  The sale also included the Clowance Inn.  There is no record of the outcome of the sale.

It appears to have been purchased by a Mr Alexander Haldane, of 55 Mount Street, and  Mr John Joseph White, of 47 Ker Street.  But Mr Haldane was soon in financial trouble, too, as by an indenture dated July 14th 1852 he conveyed and assigned all his estate and effects to Mr William Coombs, Gentleman, also of Devonport, who was acting on behalf of Mr William Chapple Hodge, of Messrs Hodge and Company, bankers.  Both the Brewery and his private residence in Mount Street were put up at auction on August 20th 1852.

Eight years later the Brewery only was up for sale again, this time by Private Contract.  It would appear that the property was owned at that time by a local builder, Mr George Trathen, of King Street.

There was only the Clarence Tavern listed in 1866 so the Brewery had ceased business.

Alexander Haldane died at Athenaeum Terrace, Plymouth, on April 10th 1887, aged 75 years.  He was buried at the Anglican Church of Saint Pancras on April 15th 1887.