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The Brunswick House Establishment was a private day and boarding school at number 20 Fore Street, Devonport.  It was recorded in 1823 although its date of foundation is not known.  The Gentlemen's Establishment was run by Mr Thomas M Burt while his wife, Mrs Eleanor Burt, ran the Ladies' Establishment.

In 1832 Day Scholars could receive an English Commercial and Mathematical education for three guineas (3 3 shillings) per day.  If the Classics and French were added to the above the cost was six guineas 6 6 shillings) per day.  Boarding pupils, who were guaranteed 'All Single Beds' and who had to be equipped with a silver table and tea spoons, six towels, a Bible and a Prayer Book, were taught Greek and Latin Classics, English Literature, Drawing and Mathematics, together with History, Geography, Astronomy, Stenography, the Globes, the  Construction of Maps, Merchants' Accounts, 'and every other branch of a Liberal Education' for a fee of 25 per term, for those over ten years of age, or 20 per term for those under 10 years of age.  They paid two guineas (2 2 shillings) per term per to have their washing done and an extra 3 guineas (3 3 shillings) each for lessons in French and Dancing.

Mr Burt taught English and Mathematics while the Reverend T Willcocks was the Classical Master.   A Mr Brindley assisted with Mathematics.  French was taught by either Monsieur Delarue or Monsieur Hamelin.  The teachers in the Ladies' Establishment were unnamed.  There were only two holidays per year, at Midsummer and at Christmas.  The pupils were taken to a local Church twice every Sunday and had to read the Scriptures regularly.

When cholera struck Devonport during 1832 Mr and Mrs Burt withdrew their pupils to Ivybridge.  In December 1832 they announced their return to Devonport.

By 1836 the Burts had removed to Windsor Terrace, Plymouth, where they opened as the Windsor House Establishment.  In 1851 they were at Emma Place, East Stonehouse, as the Central House Establishment.