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Many respected members of the business fraternity in the 18th century were members of the Religious Society of friends, or Quakers, by religion and so it was with the Barclay family.  Twenty of them formed a new joint stock banking company in 1896, under the name of Barclay and Company Limited.

It got off to an excellent start, having 182 branches when it was formed, mainly in the East and South East of England.  Barclay's Bank entered Devonport in 1905 by taking over Messrs Bolitho, Williams, Foster, Goode, Grylls and Company, otherwise known as the Consolidated Bank of Cornwall.  Thus they gained a branch at 73 Fore Street.  Mr Frederick James Pike was the manager there in 1935.

Messrs Barclay and Company Limited was renamed Barclay's Bank Limited in 1917.

The Fore Street branch survived the Second World War but disappeared when the Admiralty acquired the land in Fore Street for the extension of the Royal Dockyard.

They subsequently had premises at number 29 Marlborough Street, at 72 Tavistock Road, Stoke, and at 72 Victoria Road, Saint Budeaux..