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Alexandra Park is situated at the brow of the hill between Keyham (Royal Navy Avenue) and Keyham Barton.   It provides a fine vantage point over a wide area including the Royal Dockyard and the Royal Naval Barracks.

During the planning stage it was known as the Keyham Barton Park but at a Devonport Council meeting on September 24th 1907 it was given its official name of Alexandra Park.  The land was given by John, Lord Saint Levan.

It was officially opened on June 26th 1907 although the shelters and urinal were not then in place.  The two shelters, each 21 feet by 7 feet 6 inches, were installed towards the end of the year at a cost of 297 10s.  The Council's Sanitary Committee provided the urinal.

There is a reference in the Council minutes of April 10th 1907 to there being an Iron Chapel situated in the Park at this time.  This building was the fore-runner of the Anglican Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle.

Alexandra Park was used as a Barrage Balloon Station during the Second World War.

The shelters, urinal and park keeper's hut have all been removed.  Recently work has been done to renovate the Park, which has been very successful.