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The Saint Budeaux Baptist Chapel was originally situated in Wolseley Road, at the junction with Fletemoor Road, but the present Chapel is in Fletemore Road itself, a short distanced from its former site.

A Baptist meeting was first held at Saint Budeaux early in 1899, in the only hall that was available at the time (said to be over a stable belonging to a Mr Henwood, the baker).  This was organised by the Reverend A A Harmer, the pastor of Morice Square Baptist Chapel.  The Baptist Pioneer Mission took over responsibility in November 1899, under the leadership of Mr Leonard Smith and, from July 1901, Mr Joseph Nash.

By 1902 the congregation was some 200 strong and there were 150 children attending the Sunday School.  Larger premises were clearly required.

A parcel of land by the main road to Plymouth was acquired by Mr B T Greenwood and the Reverend E A Carter, large enough to erect a hall to seat 350, with vestries and class-rooms beneath, at an estimated cost of 1,800.  It was intended to use this building as a lecture hall and school-room when they were able to have a chapel built alongside.  The seating would be on chairs rather than in pews as this provided flexibility and there was also a choir gallery and rostrum.  The building measuring 64 feet long by 30 feet wide.

On Thursday June 19th 1902 the foundation stones were laid by Mr R Cory, of Cardiff, vice-president of the Baptist Pioneer Mission; Mr J Yeo, of Plymouth; the Reverends A A Harmer and S K Gudridge, of the Morice Square Chapel; and Mr W Angle, on behalf of the Sunday School.  Mr J T Bond presided at the ceremony.  The weather was rather inclement so the gathering immediately moved to the Victoria Road Board School, where tea was served and a public meeting held.

The hall was opened on Wednesday October 22nd 1902.  It is thought that the building was built by Messrs Tozer and Allen and was registered with the movement by a Mr Henry Smart of 2 Lynher Terrace, Saint Budeaux.

The foundation stone of the present Chapel in Fletemoor Road was laid by the pastor, the Reverend Abraham Cutts, on Saturday June 24th 1961.   Another stone commemorating the original Chapel was laid by Mrs Edith Angle, a foundation member of the original Chapel.

Saint Budeaux Baptist Chapel was opened on Saturday April 7th 1962.  The architect was Mr R Frazer, of Messrs Louis de Soissons & Partners.  Behind it is the ADH Memorial Hall, dedicated to the memory of Mr A D Hammett.  The building cost almost 35,000.