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Cornwall Street ran from between numbers 3 and 4 Queen Street westwards down to Cornwall Beach/North Corner on the shore of the Hamoaze.   Number 4 Queen Street was also number 54 Cornwall Street, part of the Cambridge Hotel.

On the south side in 1914 were several Licensed Landmarks: the India Spirit Vaults at number 18; the Portsmouth Passage House at number 27; and the William IV Public House next door at number 28.  At number 30, on the corner with Cornwall Beach, was the Swan Hotel.  The was also a beer retailer at number 13.

The most prominent building on the north side was the Cornwall Street Elementary School.  At number 44 was the Devonport Mineral Water Company, owned by Mr Robert Archibald, which ran through into Cannon Street.

Other businesses in Cornwall Street in 1914 were eight shop keepers; a butcher; a greengrocer; a sweet shop; a glass, china and lamp dealer; a fried fish dealer; a firewood dealer; two wardrobe dealers; a boot maker and a pawnbroker.  At number 52 was a curiosity dealer, Mr Thomas D Netting, who was also recorded  as a wardrobe dealer.

Between Cannon Street and Holman's Buildings, cutting across Cornwall Street, ran three openings, known in Devonport as "Opes": Cannon Street Ope was the first, Chapman's Ope, the second, and Webster's Ope, the last before Cornwall Beach.

Cornwall Street ahs been redeveloped in recent years and although it runs generally in the same direction all the old properties have gone and it now has a roundabout in the middle of it.