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The first Devonport School Board was formed on Tuesday January 24th 1871.

Those elected by the population to serve on the Board were:  Mr C Row (Wesleyan), 2,281 votes; Mr J Angear (Liberal Churchman), 2,054 votes; Major Lakin (Wesleyan), 1,946 votes; Rev. J Vaughan (Independent Calvanist), 1,524 votes; Rev. J Bullen (Conservative Churchman), 1,322 votes; Rev. F Bellamy (Conservative Churchman), 1,258 votes; Mr G G H E Rundle (Conservative Churchman), 1,088 votes; Mr L P Metham (Liberal Churchman), 968 votes; Mr J May (Leaguer), 892 votes; Rev. W Cross (Liberal Churchman), 761 votes; and Mr J Rolston (Leaguer), 673 votes.  There were 22 other candidates, the lowest vote being pulled by Mr W Hawke, 7 votes.

The Board in 1878 consisted of Mr Joseph May (Chairman), Mr John W Ryder (vice-chairman), the Rev. John D Bullen, Mr Lorenzo P Metham, the Rev. Pitt Johnson, Mr Henry M Daly, Dr John Rolston, Mr John Frederick, Mr Henry Moorshead, the Rev. Henry Holmes, and Mr Charles Henry Bennett with Mr J J E Venning as Clerk.

For the salary scales introduced by the Devonport School Board from April 1st 1900 - NOT AVAILABLE YET.

The following Schools were built and opened by the School Board (in order of opening): Ford Board School (1873); Morice Town Board School (1874); Cherry Garden Street later York Street Board School (1874); Stoke Board School (1875); Cornwall Street Board School (1876); Cambridge Road Board School (1895); Stuart Road Board School (1893)l; Johnston Terrace Board School (1898); Devonport Victoria Road Board School (1900) and Montpelier Board School (1901).

Devonport School Board was abolished on Tuesday March 31st 1903.