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This new website is in part a replacement for the Plymouth Data Website which I operated between January 7th 2002 and June 16th 2014.

It specialises in Devonport because I was born and bred in Devonport.  I came into this world in the Alexandra Maternity Home at Stoke, to a household amongst the devastation that was Warleigh Avenue, in Keyham, and to parents who were both born, educated and married in Devonport (and have since been cremated there, too). 

My ancestors had strong links to the Royal Dockyard and the Royal Navy.  I received my primary education in Devonport, got my first employment in Devonport and did my train-spotting at Keyham and Ford Stations.  My only experience of old Plymouth was when I attended secondary school there between 1958 and 1963.  In 1964 the family moved to Pennycross, within the area absorbed by the Borough at the end of the nineteenth century, to what I now describe as the Devonport New Territory.

Although much of the information and images on this website come from the old site, this one is being newly built so it will take time to cover all the aspects of Devonport.  Start at the "A-Z Contents" button above.  While I hope you will find something of interest now, I can only ask you to come back again from time to time as what is not there today may well be there tomorrow.

For my personal memories, and a bit of history, of Keyham Barton in the 1950s click here

Happy browsing.

Brian Moseley